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Pilot-Scale Test with Missouri American Water

The Bow Reactor was tested for one year on a pilot-scale as a recirculating sand filter pre-treatment step for nitrification (i.e., ammonia oxidation/removal). The test not only demonstrated excellent ammonia removal, but the Bow Reactor also outperformed the sand filter in effluent BOD and TSS concentrations.


The high performance of the Bow Reactor resulted in New Limits being named an innovative technology partner, and we look forward to serving the needs of American Water in the future.

Bow Pumps with MBBR

The PRO Treatment concept has applications above and beyond the Bow Reactor. New Limits is in the design phase of applying PRO Treatment to an MBBR to eliminate the need for an external clarifier. Not only will the PRO Treatment concept enhance treatment of the MBBR, but elimination of an external clarifier will also reduce the overall capital cost of the project.

Sand Filters, Sand Filters, Sand Filters

Due to the overwhelming success of the American Water pilot, the Bow Reactor is taking off as the choice for sand filter upgrades. Placing the Bow Reactor between the septic tanks and the sand filter not only addresses ammonia, but it also reduces loading on the sand filter – resulting in a longer lasting media bed and reduced media replacement intervals.

Small-to-Medium Flow Systems

The Bow Reactor is an excellent choice as a stand-alone water resource recovery system. Minimal mechanical components and simple operation are ideal for small communities who don't have a full-time operator to manage what may otherwise be a complicated treatment system.

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